• ACM SIGMOD 2024 Programming Contest is open to undergraduate and graduate students from degree-granting institutions all over the world. However, students associated with the organizers' institutions are not eligible to participate.
  • Teams must consist of individuals currently registered as graduate or undergraduate students at an accredited academic institution. A team may be formed by one or more students. There is no limit on team size. Students in a team need not be enrolled at the same institution. Several teams from the same institution can compete independently. Teams can register on the contest site after 20 March 2024.
  • One person can be a member of only one team and one team can register for only one account. The organizers may video call teams to confirm identity if suspicious behaviors are detected. In addition, submitted solutions will be saved and inspected to detect duplicates. If misbehaviors are confirmed, the related teams will be removed.
  • All submissions can not include any files which contain pre-calculated information for the evaluation dataset. Such behaviors will be treated as violations and the team will be ineligible for this programming contest.
  • It is prohibitive to use query vectors during the indexing phase. Any submission that uses query information to create the index will result in the team being banned. After the contest, we will also conduct manual checks on the submissions of finalists.
  • All submissions must consist only of code written by the team or open-source licensed software (i.e., using an OSI-approved license). For source code from books or public articles, clear references and attribution must be made. Final submissions must be made by 23:59 3 May 2024 (Eastern Standard Time).
  • All teams must agree to license their code under an OSI-approved open-source license. By participating in this contest, each team agrees to publish its source code. The finalists' implementations will be made public on the contest website.